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How to Boost Energy for yourself & for those you Love

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Living in Auckland is great! There's plenty to experience, explore and enjoy. Especially summer, the long weekends on the beaches, the sun...

Other times, it feels like we are just trying to get by.

Our work and family life can be stressful. Not because we can't handle a bit of stress. But because it can get seriously exhausting.

Energy is everything! Preserve your energy - your mood stays stable. Get more energy - the quality of your life improves!

The more energy you have, the more you can give towards your responsibilities - your work plus the people you care deeply about.

The more energy you have, stress won't bother you.

You've got it. You're winning at life.


Lifestyle Nutrition is about looking at health holistically.

Nourish your body with comforting food that taste delicious, is easy to prepare and saves you time.

Healthy food can be made simple and stress-free. Good food can give you more energy for the things you love doing.

Good food will simply put a smile on your face.

Recharge your mind with quality sleep. Various teas and herbs can help with that! Find out how ancient traditions can help you with mental clarity and restfulness.

Lifestyle nutrition is personalized to your unique needs. No one size fits all.

It's about having knowledge but also the practical skills to live efficiently towards your goals.


Hi! I'm Fabian Low. I'm a lifestyle nutrition coach and founder of Feast Like A Sage. I enjoy cooking, tai chi, tea, kombucha and gardening.

Balance is my philosophy. I don't subscribe to any dietary labels.

My goal is to help you find balance in body and mind. My job is to help you find that out for yourself - so you have the skills to do the same for others.

When you are in a balanced state, you will have the energy to enjoy more out of life.

You will have the energy to give towards the people you love.

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Later Event: March 30
Learn Classical 'Yang' Tai Chi Chuan